Monday, January 26, 2009

My Mommy's favorite picture of me!

Here I am sitting in Grandma and Grandpa Barton's living room. This is my most recent photo. Mommy wanted to post some of her favorite pictures from last year and get everyone caught up in my life.

Grandma Nancy

Here is Grandma Nancy and me at the hospital, I was only one day old! Grandma Nancy took very good care of my Mommy and Daddy during our stay at the hospital. I spend most of my days with Grandma Nancy, we have a blast! My Mommy says I have a way more exciting social life then her, thanks to Grandma!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great Grandma Belva

Here is my Great Grandma Belva! She has a "secret" touch to get babies to go to sleep. She puts that "secret" touch on me every time I visit her! I bet my Mommy wishes she had a "secret" touch like Great Grandma's!


Is my cousin beautiful or what? As you can tell good looks run in our family! Marla Jane has a special name too. Marla comes from Aunt Sarah's Mom....Marlene and Jane is from Grandma Barton's name Nancy Jane!

Marla and Me

Mommy said I looked like the size of a monster laying next to her and that she couldn't believe I was ever that small! As you can tell in the picture, Marla is already telling me secrets. I can't wait to pay Mommy and Uncle Tone back for being such bratty kids. We promised Grandma we would!

Meet my new cousin Marla Jane

Here she is with my Uncle Tone and Aunt Sarah! She is beautiful and I can't wait to play with her in Minnesota this year! Congrats Tone and Sarah! We are so proud of you!

Grandma Barton

Here I am with my Grandma Barton in Nebraska! I love going to visit her, she spoils me rotten. And, when I come home to Boise, she spoils me here too....she must owe the post office a fortune! We just got webcams so I am hoping to get to see more of my Grandma....AND....she promised to come visit me SOON....right Grandma?? I need to go swimming in the ocean and I can't do that without YOU!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Uncle Tone

Meet my Uncle Tone...I am named after him too. His real name is James Anthony and he is now a Daddy! He has a daughter named Marla Jane. Uncle Tone is an awesome Uncle and is going to make a great Daddy! He wanted me to make sure and tell you that he is not homeless and just dresses this way because he is cool like that! Love you Uncle Tone!

Four Generations!

The name carries on, traditions are passed and love continues to grow! Here I am with Great Grandpa Bud, Grandpa Dave and my Daddy! Now are we some good lookin guys or what? Here is where I get my last name....BLOXHAM! Hopefully, I get some of my Great Grandpa Bud's sense of humor.....he makes my Mommy laugh all the time!

Happy Turkey Day!

Gobble...Gobble! We spent Thanksgiving with Grandma Sara and Grandpa Dave! Lots of good food, great conversation and stiff spirits! Oh...and me, my Daddy and Grandpa Dave are COOKING Thanksgiving dinner this year! Wish us luck!

Grandpa Garry (aka PaPa G)

Here I am with my Grandpa Garry! I think I get my personality from him....we are both always so happy and excited about life! People always smile when one of us enters the room!

Great Grandpa Barton

Here is my Great Grandpa Barton. I got to meet him in September, unfortunately he passed away in October. He was a very special person to my Mommy. He told my Mommy that I was an "exceptional" baby! I can't wait to hear all the stories Mommy tells me about him when I am older. Hopefully I will grow up to be half the fisherman he was!

Grandpa Jim

And here is where I get my middle name! From my Grandpa Jim (aka James). I love my Grandpa Jim, he tells the best stories! I recently visited him in January and he made me some awesome beef and noodle soup! I almost ate a bowl of it, I can't wait to visit him soon so he can make me some more great food and tell me more stories!

First snow day!

Mommy said I make the BEST snow angels! Here I am in my first snow, thank goodness Aunt Lorraine gave me this snow suit! I didn't stay out was too cold! Brrr!

Mommy and Me

We drove to Nebraska last summer. On the way back we stopped at Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I was a very good boy on the road trip. Thank goodness for the bottle warmer we bought in Nebraska City!

My first overnight stay!

I stayed at Grandma Sara and Grandpa Dave's house! I had a great time and didn't want to leave! It's spa days EVERYDAY at their house! This picture was taken a few months ago (October?) I stayed there again last weekend (January)! I never knew Grandpa Dave could move so fast, but I make a noise and he is there in a flash! Don't tell him, but I think I got him wrapped around me finger!! When can I stay again Grandma Sara?


Happy Halloween! Grandma Barton bought me this bee suit when she came to visit me in Boise! Don't worry my cry is worse then my sting!

Happy Days with Grandma Nancy

I am a happy boy when I am with Grandma Nancy! She watches me during the day while Mommy and Daddy are working. My Mommy and Daddy appreciate Grandma Nancy very much. Now they don't have to worry about me while they are at work.....they know I am in good hands! I appreciate her too......we have lots of fun together!

Ryder Generation

Here I am with a few of the "Ryder" girls and my Daddy. Not sure if you know where I got my name, but Great Grandma Lois married a man named Norbert "Pete" Ryder. He was a really special man!! Mommy and Daddy thought it would be cool to carry on Great Grandpa's name. So there you have name has a very important meaning to our family!

My very own Christmas stocking......and I fit in it!

Great Aunt Susan made this for me for Christmas! Mommy said I will have it forever. I better be good so Santa fills it every year! Thanks Aunt Susan!


My Mommy put me in a cold pumpkin,can you believe it? You can tell by the look on my face that I was NOT thrilled! Thank goodness Daddy was there to rescue me!

Great Grandma Dorothy's hat

Great Grandma Dorothy made me this awesome hat! It has been keeping me warm this winter, along with the blanket she made me. She also made me a bottle warmer! She really IS "Great"

Playing in the leaves!

Mommy and I went to Barber Park near our house and played in the leaves one sunny day last Fall!

Merry Christmas!!

Grandma Barton sent me this Santa outfit! Do I look cute or what? I checked my list on who was naughty and nice last year....and my Grandma Barton is definitely on the NICE list!

Thanks Uncle Chris

Uncle Chris got me a monkey; my Daddy had one as a kid and Uncle Chris thought I needed one too! He sleeps with me every night in my crib. Uncle Chris even put a special surprise inside the monkey, so maybe when I am older I will find it? And if not, Mommy and Daddy know about maybe they will end up with the surprise!!